SOGH Research Publications

January 2023

The Journal of Patient Safety has just published an article “Use of Obstetric and Gynecologic Hospitalists is Associated with Decreased Severe Maternal Morbidity in the United States”. This manuscript was spearheaded by SOGH Past President and member of the SOGH Research Committee, Dr. Vanessa Torbenson. This work is an excellent example of collaborative effort and support given by the SOGH research committee toward an original idea which ultimately resulted in a publication. The information in this article is a step toward highlighting the difference in outcomes made by the impact of OBGYN Hospitalists. If you have an idea you would like to spearhead or collaborate on, join us on the research committee! We look to support and celebrate original research that shows the impact of the work we are all committed to every day.

The OB/GYN Hospitalist Experience During COVID-19 – Survey Results

Thank you to our members who completed our initial COVID-19 survey! Please click below to view the results from our survey.

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Congratulations to our ACM Scientific Abstract Winners!

2022: Does Implementing a Hospitalist System Improve Work-Up Efficiency and Effectiveness on Labor and Delivery
-Arelys Zamora, MD

2021: Realizing the Promise of Evidence-Based Practice in Our Cesarean Delivery Patients: Enhanced Recovery Guidelines Improve Patient Outcomes with Significant Cost Savings
-Regina Gomez, MD

2020: Universal SARS-CoV-2 Testing on Labor and Delivery Units: A Canary in the Coal Mine for Public Safety Net Hospitals
-Celeste V Bailey, MD

2019: Malpractice Litigation, Quality Improvement, and the University Hospitals Obstetrical Network
-Tyler Katz, MD and Steven Porter, MD, MBA