The OB/GYN Hospitalist Experience During COVID-19 – Survey Results

Thank you to our members who completed our initial COVID-19 survey! Please click below to view the results from our survey.

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Congratulations to our Poster Winners!

2022: Does Implementing a Hospitalist System Improve Work-Up Efficiency and Effectiveness on Labor and Delivery
-Arelys Zamora, MD

2021: Realizing the Promise of Evidence-Based Practice in Our Cesarean Delivery Patients: Enhanced Recovery Guidelines Improve Patient Outcomes with Significant Cost Savings
-Regina Gomez, MD

2020: Universal SARS-CoV-2 Testing on Labor and Delivery Units: A Canary in the Coal Mine for Public Safety Net Hospitals
-Celeste V Bailey, MD

2019: Malpractice Litigation, Quality Improvement, and the University Hospitals Obstetrical Network
-Tyler Katz, MD and Steven Porter, MD, MBA